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Hypochondriacs: Inside Health Anxiety Disorder

Every time Laura gets swollen glands, she spends hours on the Internet researching terminal cancer. Kevin lives in fear of contracting HIV—a drop of blood can send him into a state of panic. And the smallest ache convinces Sarah that she could die at any moment. Studies suggest that as many as one in four general-practitioner consultations are for hypochondriacs—or those who suffer from what is now called health anxiety disorder. This compelling film follows these patients as they undergo an intensive period of cognitive behavioral therapy at a country retreat affiliated with London’s Maudsley Hospital. Will it make them better, or are they destined to spend the rest of their lives in and out of unnecessary medical appointments and procedures? (49 minutes)

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Hypochondriacs Need Reassurance
Hypochondriacs such as constantly seek reassurance. Sarah visits her doctor frequently for conditions she suspects are cancer, heart attacks, tumors, or other serious health conditions.