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Academic Collections

Multi-Subject Collections

MCMaster Academic Video Package


Films On Demand's platform provides users with the content, tools, speed, and performance that today’s online experience demands. At Films On Demand, we know that content matters. Our video library has been assembled not just with a focus on volume, but also with a disc...Read More

CTMaster Career & Technical Education Video Package

TITLES: 8,194

Our Master Career & Technical Education Package is now better than ever, with a new taxonomy that readily complements associate degree-level courses—making it even easier for students and educators alike to find the video content they need to help with assignments a...Read More

Individual Subject Collections

Allied Health Video Collection


This collection will help prepare future allied health professionals for practice across a diverse range of health care settings, whether they are learning how to draw blood, administer medications, o...Read More

MCAnthropology Video Collection

TITLES: 1,009

Aside from fieldwork, a strong collection of anthropology videos is the best way to give students the opportunity to observe people and cultures from around the world. The titles in this collect...Read More

Archival Films & Newsreels Video Collection

TITLES: 1,460

A rare view of what rush hour in London looked like in 1897. The dramatic and suspenseful newsreel announcing the crash of the Hindenburg zeppelin. President Ronald Reagan’s challenging speech at the ...Read More

MCArea Studies Video Collection

TITLES: 2,822

In an increasingly flat world, an understanding of the histories, politics, cultures, and economies of different countries and regions of the globe is becoming essential to more professions than...Read More

MCArt & Architecture Video Collection

TITLES: 1,999

This vibrant selection of documentaries, interviews, biographies, and how-to videos spans the visual arts—from sculpture, painting, and photography to history, theory, criticism, and appreciatio...Read More

MCBiology Video Collection

TITLES: 2,240

From the fundamentals of cell division to the complexities of epigenetics, the vast field of biology is covered by this extensive collection of documentaries, educational videos, presentations, ...Read More

MCBusiness & Economics Video Collection

TITLES: 5,944

In a world of bubbles and busts, extreme poverty and astronomical wealth, rapidly emerging worldwide markets and a digital revolution that is transforming practically everything, few video colle...Read More

CTCareers & Job Search Video Collection

TITLES: 1,491

Technology isn’t just changing how work gets done across various industries—it’s also changing the process of searching for and getting a job in the first place. Online portfolios, social networking, ...Read More

MCCommunication Video Collection

TITLES: 1,791

From rousing speeches and persuasive business proposals to engaging advertisements and heart-wrenching films, the ways in which we communicate—and why—are wide ranging, and every form of communi...Read More

CTComputer Science and Information Technology Video Collection


Want to learn what it takes to develop a game-changing app? Study robots? Navigate the world of Big Data? The Computer Science and Information Technology Video Collection covers all of those things an...Read More

MCCounseling & Social Work Video Collection


Students entering the fields of counseling and social work need to be able to help others work through their emotions, develop strategies for coping with difficult circumstances, and obtain the social...Read More

MCCriminal Justice & Law Video Collection

TITLES: 1,621

With several hundred titles spanning criminal investigation, legal studies, criminology, and the justice system, this collection covers the basics and also digs deep into the intricacies of topi...Read More

MCEarth Science Video Collection


Earthquakes and volcanoes, ice ages and global warming, rainforests and hydrothermal vents. The Earth is as complex as it is beautiful, and this collection is filled with documentaries and educa...Read More

MCEducation Video Collection

TITLES: 1,760

This collection addresses basics such as effective teaching methods and classroom management as well as best practices for use of technology, application of standards, overcoming the challenges ...Read More

MCEngineering Video Collection


From massive public projects like the Hoover Dam to the incredibly small science of nanotechnology, this growing collection provides coverage of the widespread and interdisciplinary fields of engineer...Read More

MCEnglish Video Collection

TITLES: 2,557

Comprehensive overviews of literary movements. Scholarly films on the evolution of the English language. Productions of major plays. Documentaries on the world's most prominent writers. Instruct...Read More

MCEntertainment Video Collection


Action! Horror! Comedy! Romance! The Entertainment Video Collection offers hundreds of films ranging from lighthearted popcorn flicks to thought-provoking dramas, providing Films On Demand su...Read More

MCEnvironmental Science Video Collection

TITLES: 1,795

This rich collection features a wealth of documentaries on some of the most pressing issues in environmental science, including climate change, water shortages, overpopulation, industrial disast...Read More

CTFashion Studies Video Collection

TITLES: 1,404

A solid complement to university and community college fashion programs, this collection features entertaining and enlightening programs on the history of fashion, cultural impact of styles, and the c...Read More

MCGeography Video Collection

TITLES: 1,665

Covering both physical and human geography, this vast collection covers the natural and social processes that pattern and change the earth’s surface. Students will find documentaries, presentations, a...Read More

CTGuidance & Counseling Video Collection

TITLES: 3,062

From teaching the “soft skills,” such as time management and mitigating stress, that can boost academic success, to warning about alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, and other dangers inherent to ...Read More

MCHealth & Medicine Video Collection

TITLES: 6,394

Documentaries on the full spectrum of diseases and disorders; titles on human anatomy and physiology; investigations into public health issues; programming on nutrition and wellness; instruction...Read More

MCHistory Video Collection

TITLES: 5,230

From America to Zimbabwe, from the ancient world to the present day, our collection of thousands of history titles brings to life the time and place your students are studying. This unparalleled...Read More

MCMathematics Video Collection

TITLES: 1,297

From business to the sciences to the trades, most students’ professions will inevitably involve mathematics. This collection aims to serve math’s cross-disciplinary nature, both with straightfor...Read More

MCMusic & Dance Video Collection

TITLES: 1,921

With equal emphasis on recordings of live performances and documentaries, this collection spans both time and space to cover a wide variety of music and dance from around the world and throughou...Read More

Nursing Core Collection


This collection is designed not only to help nursing students excel in their studies and pass licensure exams, but also to prepare them for long-term job success in an increasingly complex health care...Read More

CTNursing Current Concepts and Practices Video Collection


The Nursing: Current Concepts and Practices Video Collection is a tightly curated collection to help nursing students excel in their studies, pass licensure exams, and prepare for long-term job ...Read More

MCPhilosophy & Religion Video Collection

TITLES: 1,624

Ethics and morality. Logic and faith. The meaning of life and the afterlife. This wide-ranging collection covers the fundamental concepts of reality, epistemology, and value as well as the contr...Read More

MCPhysical Science Video Collection

TITLES: 1,393

Einstein’s theory of relativity, Newtonian physics, and Mendeleyev’s periodic table. Nanotechnology, quantum computing, and string theory. From the fundamental discoveries that changed history, to the...Read More

Physical Therapy Video Collection


To help injured patients make a full recovery and return to their normal routines as quickly as possible, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants need to rely on a thorough understanding...Read More

MCPolitical Science Video Collection

TITLES: 1,852

Whether the focus is American government or global politics, this vast collection is an invaluable asset for political science educators and students. From the basics of civics, American democra...Read More

MCPsychology Video Collection

TITLES: 2,649

The breadth of this collection is unrivaled: reviews of classic studies; overviews of foundational and contemporary theories; case studies of psychological disorders; instructional titles on res...Read More

MCSociology Video Collection

TITLES: 4,706

The thousands of individual titles in this collection comprehensively cover the wide range of topics essential to the study of sociology. From poverty, gender inequality, and social justice to c...Read More

CTTechnical & Trade Education Video Collection

TITLES: 1,594

How does a hybrid car engine work compared to a gas engine? How do construction blueprints differ from electrical blueprints? What’s the best way to connect IT networks that use different protoc...Read More

MCTechnology & Society Video Collection


We may not live in a world of flying cars, humanoid robot assistants, and laser cannons, but technology has changed our lives in countless and often unpredictable ways. This collection looks at ...Read More

Veterinary Video Collection


People who work in veterinary medicine frequently rely on what they see to diagnose problems and make snap decisions, whether they are trying to read urinalysis slides or keep a canine patient c...Read More

CTVisual & Performing Arts Video Collection


Covering art, dance, drama and theater, media studies, and music, this robust collection celebrates the history, appreciation, and craftsmanship of creative expression. It offers historical studies of...Read More

CTVisual Communication Video Collection


Do you have students who are thinking of going into film production? How about graphic design? Are they considering careers as photographers? All of that can be found in this collection, which covers ...Read More

MCWorld Languages Video Collection

TITLES: 1,792

This collection features language instruction titles for Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish as well as hundreds of supplemental titles on the culture, history, literature, a...Read More

World Cinema Video Collection

TITLES: 1,229

This unique collection includes the best of the silent era, groundbreaking international directors, American and European masterpieces from the mid-20th century, award-winning contemporary films...Read More

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Reviews & Testimonials

Faculty love the user-friendly searching and broad subject coverage. It’s a must-have resource.”

Danette R. Pachtner, Librarian for Film, Video, and Digital Media, Duke University

Faculty...love the breadth and depth, the quality of films, the professionalism of the films, and the ability to supplement their lectures and classroom experiences...A very firm thumbs up!”

Ann Horan, Campus Librarian, Westwood College – O’Hare Campus

Films On Demand is the frontrunner in providing high-quality streaming educational video covering a broad range of subjects.”

The Charleston Advisor, Four-Star Review

…the technology works flawlessly, and customer support is outstanding.”

Hazel Davis, Library Services Faculty Chair, Rio Salado College

I love it more all the time!”

Trish Feeney, Media Resources Technician, Fleming College

Access is easy...an outstanding value and highly recommended.”

Library Journal

Faculty appreciate the wide variety of topics covered...as well as the advanced features...Films On Demand [is] an indispensable resource for our students and faculty.”

Elijah Scott, MA, MS, Director of Libraries, Georgia Highlands College

Films On Demand is terrific...I am a big fan.”

Patty Loughrey, Adjunct Faculty, Westwood College – Anaheim Campus