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High School Collections

Multi-Subject Collections

Master Curriculum Video Collection


This specially curated collection serves the specific needs of students who are preparing for college by providing top-quality video across the entire high school curriculum, including life skills and guidance. It's ideal for high schools that want targeted content, tai...Read More

Career & Technical Education Video Collection

TITLES: 1,250

A multipurpose tool for vocational and technical high schools, the Career & Technical Education Collection is a powerful resource for students learning a trade and preparing for the world of employment. The video lessons on technical trades and STEM disciplines are ...Read More

Individual Subject Collections

World Cinema Video Collection


With more than 700 feature films from the most renowned directors across the globe, this unique collection includes the best of the silent era, groundbreaking international directors, American and Eur...Read More

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Reviews & Testimonials

Our teachers and students find it easy to use and an invaluable reference. We have had other streaming video sites, but none that are as easy to use and contain the quality [of] video...”

Lillian Serafine, Assistant Director, The Taft School Library

...extremely easy to navigate...Recommended.” 

Library Media Connection

Our students and faculty have found Classroom Video On Demand a superb educational tool for research projects big and small. The moment I introduce it to new students, they are excited to see their topic come alive and with such ease!”

Marta Fuchs, Director of Library Services, Drew School

We use Classroom Video On Demand...Good coverage, many favorable reviews from students and teachers.”

Stephanie Patterson, Teacher Librarian, Southington High School