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Mrs. President: Women and Political Leadership in Iran

In the summer of 2001, 47 Iranian women neither affiliated with nor supported by any political party registered themselves as candidates for the presidential elections. Due to the Guardian Council’s interpretation of a clause in the constitution, none of the women were allowed to run. This documentary presents the thoughts and opinions of six female candidates who agreed to be interviewed, along with the commentary of two female Iranian journalists who cover political developments for magazines in their country. They discuss their efforts in trying to change both governmental and popular opinion regarding the role of women in Iranian politics and society. Produced by Shahla Haeri, Director of Boston University’s Women’s Studies Program. (47 minutes)


Item#: BVL30289
Copyright date: ©2002
DVD ISBN 978-1-4213-7157-3

DVD $169.95
DVD + 3-Year Streaming $254.93
3-Year Streaming $169.95

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