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Alternative Fuel Vehicles (02:11)


Automobile manufacturers are testing alternative fuels and engines designed to run on cleaner resources. Hear examples of the fuels manufacturers will use. Environmental emissions laws and peak oil have increased the demand for research and development.

Hydrogen Fuel (03:28)

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in our universe. Learn how fuel cells work and how manufacturers can produce hydrogen fuel. The Honda Clarity FCX is a zero emissions vehicle; Honda created solar-powered water electrolyzing hydrogen stations.

Electric Vehicles (03:11)

Electric vehicles are energy efficient but have limited range. Learn how electric cars capture energy when brakes are used. See examples of electric vehicles that run on rechargeable battery packs.

Hybrid Vehicles (02:27)

Hybrids typically have an internal gasoline combustion engine and an electric motor; see examples. The U.S. Department of Energy wants 1 million plug-in hybrids on the road by 2015.

Natural Gas Vehicle (01:38)

NGVs use compressed natural gas. The composition of hydrocarbons makes natural gas combustible; it can be used in an internal combustion engine. Hear concerns about ethanol production.

Alternative Fuels and Pollution (01:49)

Hear suggestions for reducing pollution in big cities. Careers in the fields of automotive engineering and design will be challenging and fast-paced

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Engineering - Fueling a Greener Planet



Revolutionary changes are taking place in the automobile industry. The standard petroleum gasoline fueled engine has some new competition from gas-electric hybrids, electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, natural gas vehicles and even some automobiles that get some of their power from the Sun.

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