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Geography of China (05:32)


China, located in East Asia, is the world's third largest country. The terrain of China is generally rugged with mountains covering 33 percent of the land.

Ancient China Meets Modern China in Beijing (08:43)

Beijing, China's capitol was founded over 3,000 years ago and is now the country's second largest city after Shanghai. Just beyond Tiananmen Square lies the Forbidden City where emperors once lived and ruled.

Chinese History (05:54)

China is the world's oldest continuing major civilization. Ancient China was quite developed in economy and culture. China became a socialist country in 1949 and is run by the Chinese Communist Party.

Culture and Religion in China (03:42)

Chinese art is the oldest in the world and includes sculptures, calligraphy, and opera. China's main form of Religion, Buddhism, was originally exported from India in the first century BC.

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The People's Republic of China: World History & Culture



Discover everything from China's geography and religion to its rich history and culture. China's magic shows through with classical Chinese architecture and customs that date back hundreds of years.

Length: 24 minutes

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