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Geography of India (07:22)


India is a subcontinent of Asia found in the northern hemisphere and bordered by Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Burma. The country has three main geographic regions each with their own distinct climate and terrain.

Cities of India (03:04)

The people of India have different beliefs and customs according to their state or region. Each city is unique and offers a different taste of India life, culture, and heritage.

Culture of India (03:00)

The people of India are diverse because long ago settlers from other countries came to India and merged with the local population. India has a wide variety of racial types, languages, and culture.

History of India (03:24)

India's present political formation dates back to the 17th century when British traders came to India. Gandhi led the India people to independence using a nonviolent method of civil disobedience.

India Today (03:20)

India now has a type of government called a democratic republic. India's economy is a mixture of traditional village farming, modern agriculture, and wide range of modern industries.

Religion of India (05:07)

Religion plays a very important role in the lives of the Indian people and Indians are free to practice the religion of their choice. India is the birthplace of both Hinduism and Buddhism.

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India- One Country, A Million Worlds: World History & Culture



Everything from India's geography and climate to present political formation is all here in INDIA - ONE COUNTRY, A MILLION WORLDS.

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