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Fired and Replaced (04:42)


While John Cleese believes the product failed because of bad luck, his replacement realizes that Cleese's ego took over the team brainstorming meeting. He made bad decisions because he failed to take into account the rules of team building.

Stage One: Develop a Rich Question (03:01)

Involve the team in creating a good question. It takes time, but could lead to new innovations and product lines. Watch a scenario.

Stage Two: Help the Team Create Alternatives (05:19)

Brainstorm multiple proposals. Involve every team member and ensure they feel respected for their opinions.

Stage Three: Assess the Dangers and Opportunities (04:39)

Analyze any potential complications or possible advantages. Ensure everyone participates and feels involved.

Stage Four: Review the First Three Stages (03:38)

Look at the chances of success for each option and decide on a probability of success. Weigh the risks versus the rewards before making a decision.

In Conclusion (03:24)

Cleese uses the team decision thinking tactics he just learned to make another decision. He and Robert Lindsay summarize the episode.

Credits: Think or Sink: Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos (00:35)

Credits: Think or Sink: Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos

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Learn the four stages of professional team decision thinking: ask the right questions, create options, assess the dangers and opportunities, and weigh the chances of success. This episode is based on the book The Professional Decision Thinker by Ben Heirs and features John Cleese and Robert Lindsay.

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