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Coaching Skills for Managers Scenario (08:39)


When a manager does everything, he or she feels overburdened and team members feel underused. Coaching Jennifer to build a budget allows the manager more time to supervise. The manager is concerned other departments will "poach" his employees or think he is useless.

Coaching Employees (03:07)

Coaching ensures improved productivity for the department. Identify goals for employees.

Identify Goals (03:19)

Ensure employees know the objective by the end of the first meeting. Promote discovery and seek out their ideas and opinions. Do not interrupt staff as they talk through their ideas.

Active Listening (04:21)

Keep your mind and body quiet. When an employee has finished speaking, ask questions and summarize his or her thoughts. Employees will gain confidence.

Defining Consequences (04:07)

Explain the consequences of implementing an employee's suggestion so he or she can apply the knowledge in the future. Watch a scenario where Jennifer learns why her idea is bad.

Recognizing New Ideas (04:10)

Jennifer suggests moving key personnel to the northern office. An employee may reveal an idea the manager had not considered. An employee is more likely to respect a manager who shares mistakes.

Set Parameters (03:43)

A coached individual will show initiative. Set concrete rules and future meetings to discuss progress. Authorize and empower your employee by making his or her increased responsibility visible to other executives.

Recap the Meeting (04:44)

The manager feels better about coaching Jennifer. Remember the five steps of coaching an employee: set goals, promote discovery, set parameters, authorize and empower, and recap.

Credits: The Helping Hand: Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos (00:32)

Credits: The Helping Hand: Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos

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Coaching can help managers improve staff performance and motivation. Learn how to coach employees in this episode of Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos.

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