Segments in this Video

Phone Etiquette (04:08)


An assistant manager of a marketing department gives a speech on etiquette. John Cleese highlights several several points she left out. Vignettes demonstrate inappropriate behavior.

Verbal Handshake (04:46)

Answer the phone within four rings and introduce yourself at the beginning of the conversation.

Verbal Handshake: Part Two (05:00)

Establish whether or not it is a convenient time for the other person. Several scenarios demonstrate correctly and incorrectly handled telephone conversations.

Controlling the Call (04:14)

Be careful not to bully the caller. Ask open questions or the 6 Ws: who, what, where, when, why and how. Ensure that the caller feels connected to the conversation.

Controlling the Call: Part Two (04:00)

Make listening noises to ensure that the caller feels understood. Active listening makes customers feel respected and loyal. Record and repeat pertinent information to help diffuse aggressive callers.

Closing the Call (03:03)

Volunteer useful information. Mention the steps you will implement and suggest a timeline for action. If you delegate a step, follow through to ensure that its completed.

Voicemail Etiquette (05:48)

Use telephone techniques for voicemail. Prepare what you are going to say prior to leaving a message. Barbara redoes the telephone etiquette speech.

Credits: Telephone Behavior: Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos (00:31)

Credits: Telephone Behavior: Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos

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This video, featuring John Cleese and Rebecca Front, presents practical rules for conducting a call from start to finish. Learn about the verbal handshake, telephone etiquette, how to control, and how to close a call on this episode of Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos.

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