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Stress of Decision Making (04:07)


Allen Moore climbs to the roof to commit suicide because he cannot make any more decisions. "Queen Elizabeth I," "Field Marshall Montgomery," "Brutus," and "Sir Winston Churchill" confront Moore to review an office move that went horribly wrong.

Inadequate Plan for an Office Move (04:31)

Moore did not ask for a sales forecast, did not ask what decisions needed to be made, and did not personally inspect the office. "Montgomery" compares his process to Moore's. Collect all the facts when making a plan.

Department Consultations (03:28)

Moore meets with department heads to explain the layout of the new office space, but forgets to inform one of the department heads. Executives are angry that Moore will not listen to their opinions. The sales department head becomes irate when he discovers his employees need to share desks, while Moore has a huge office to himself.

Inadequate Collaboration (03:05)

"Queen Elizabeth I" explains that there are factual and psychological reasons to holding a meeting. She compares how she makes decisions to Moore's process— consult the people, check facts, and listen to their opinions.

When Will People Move? (03:28)

Moore's boss wants a decision on when the move will take place, but Moore does not gather enough information to make an informed decision. Think a problem through, gather options, and commit to a decision. If no clear viable solution presents itself, flip a coin to determine the answer.

Informing the Staff (04:08)

Moore individually told department heads their moving days, causing confusion. Communicate decisions in a group, be prepared to persuade others of your decision, and write a brief outlining the decision and subsequent actions. "Churchill" compares his problem solving ability to Moore's.

Oversee Orders (03:39)

The move proves disastrous because the employees cannot enter the new building. Check to ensure decisions are carried out quickly and without issue. Moore summarizes the episode.

Credits: Decisions, Decisions: Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos (01:02)

Credits: Decisions, Decisions: Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos

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In this video,  board of Great Decision Makers confronts Alan Moore (John Cleese) to review an office move that went disastrously wrong. Learn how to make informed decisions, how to communicate it to members of the staff, and how to carry out the decision in this episode of Classic John Cleese Business Education Videos.

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