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Behavioral Interviewing: Introduction (02:29)


An IT manager reflects on his hiring interview with Peter. Behavioral interviewing can help you discover how a person will fit in and behave in your company.

Create a Behavioral Profile (02:18)

Determine the personal qualities you require in a candidate. The IT manager explains how his department is unique and identifies the behavioral "deal breakers."

Recruitment Interview (03:44)

See the IT manager's interview with Peter.

Focus on Critical Incidents (02:07)

Tips include: concentrate on the candidate, avoid general theories, stick to the past tense, and avoid the hypothetical answer trap; see examples.

Hide Your Hand (01:24)

Tips include: avoid leading questions, offering simple choices, and revealing the answer you want; see examples.

Take Your Time (03:10)

Tips include: never ask multiple questions and never rush to fill in the silence. Review the four rules of behavioral interviewing. The IT manager reviews the behavioral "deal breakers" before his next interview.

Mark Wallingford Interview (04:46)

During the interview, Diana uses behavioral interviewing techniques. She focuses on a critical incident and looks for the behavioral "deal breakers."

Kate Gardner Interview (03:04)

During the interview, the IT manager uses behavioral interviewing techniques. He focuses on a critical incident and looks for the behavioral "deal breakers."

Behavioral Interviewing Summary (01:17)

Review the techniques of behavioral interviewing discussed in this video.

Credits: Behavioral Interviewing: Leadership & Management Classics (00:27)

Credits: Behavioral Interviewing: Leadership & Management Classics

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In recruitment interviews, past behavior is the key to predicting future performance. A candidate's qualifications, experiences, and previous posts are important details you need to know. However, the unanswered question is, how will they actually perform in the job? Behavioral interviewing techniques will help you retrieve relevant information based on a candidate’s past experiences.

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