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Absence Minded: Introduction (02:33)


Michael finds Toby playing with a video camera; he warns him not to attract the attention of the hired consultant. Vernita tells Michael that his level of absenteeism has increased.

Return to Work Interview (02:19)

Identifying which absences are genuine and which are not is difficult; Michael does not have a written system for managing absences. Vernita explains the purpose of the interview.

Acknowledge the Problem (05:12)

The video diary reveals that Glenn is frustrated with the inability to talk to Michael. Michael learns Glenn has been absent because of work worries. Tips include: watch for warning signs and patterns, keep records, and address the problem as quickly as possible.

Identify the Reasons (05:34)

Charlie has not come to work on two consecutive Mondays. Michael thinks he is golfing and confronts him about his absenteeism. Tips include: face-to-face meeting, prepare emotions and facts, and ask what was wrong; probe if necessary.

Agree on a Solution (03:39)

Angela has been absent several mornings because of a practical problem. Michael identifies a pattern and asks Angela why Wednesdays are a problem; they find a resolution.

Absenteeism Summary (01:41)

Review the absenteeism management techniques discussed in this video.

Credits: Absence Minded: Leadership & Management Classics (00:39)

Credits: Absence Minded: Leadership & Management Classics

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This video is designed to help managers tackle absenteeism within their teams. It shows one manager’s journey from recognizing he has an absenteeism problem, to creating a structured, positive approach that dramatically reduces the levels of absenteeism. Covering all aspects, including the return to work interview, the program teaches managers how to deal with this sensitive subject in three simple stages: acknowledging the problem, identifying the reasons, and agreeing on a solution.

Length: 22 minutes

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