Segments in this Video

What People are Not Told, They Invent (03:49)


A newspaper article states that a company has gone bankrupt; employees from another company associated with the firm assume the worst. Management discusses business strategies and giving staff information; Alex has withheld information from his production team.

Talk to People— Don't Rely on Technology (04:24)

Alex delivers a briefing to the production team via email. A team leader tells Alex that the team is worried about information heard through the grapevine. Consultants arrive and Peter catches glimpses of a document on right-sizing. Keeping staff informed about changes is important.

Listening is an Important Part of Talking (05:02)

Peter and another employee discuss what they know about the company downsizing and consider the implications. Alex talks to staff about company changes in a vague manner, encouraging rumors.

Listening is an Important Part of Talking: Worry Increases (07:37)

Alex talks to Peter about his concerns, but his language is vague; team leaders and Peter reflect on what they learned from Alex. Staff gossip about changes and overhear parts of management conversations. Jeffrey tells Alex he is leaving the company and Alex panics.

Communication Review (07:25)

Jeffery offers communication tips including: talk to people, do not rely on technology, listen to what others say, encourage questions, and brief people together. Alex addresses his staff as a group.

Credits: The Grapevine: Communication Classics (00:27)

Credits: The Grapevine: Communication Classics

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Grapevine information can often be inaccurate and may cause problems within an organization. This video shows how to communicate in a world of change and avoid situations where employees spread rumors to fill the gap left by a lack of formal communication.

Length: 30 minutes

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