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Presentation Is Everything: Introduction (03:31)


Christine is working on a presentation about presentations and offers to explain the basics to Alan. Every presentation should include four elements: welcome, beginning, middle, and close.

Using Visual Aids (04:10)

See Alan's presentations on point of sale material and the client database. Christine offers constructive criticism on using words and phrases in a PowerPoint presentation: avoid parallel words, abstract expressions, filling a slide with words, and presenting complex information.

Using Graphics and Humor (03:26)

Alan uses diagrams, graphs, and charts in his presentations. Christine offers diagram tips: keep it simple, avoid gimmicks, keep quotes short, and use humor carefully.

Presentation Summary (00:47)

Tips include: clear structure, avoid reading lists, simple language, simple and relevant images, stories and quotes, and keep it simple.

Presentation Delivery (03:26)

See Alan's presentation on customer service. Christine emphasizes the top six delivery tips: match speech and slides, speak clearly, do not read from a script, use positive body language, interact with the audience, and rehearse your presentation.

Practical Considerations (02:05)

Christine has the wrong cable for her presentation and panics. Alan suggests checking for basic practical problems before a presentation. Alan and Christine deliver the presentation together.

Credits: Presentation Is Everything: Communication Classics (00:20)

Credits: Presentation Is Everything: Communication Classics

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A poorly delivered presentation can confuse the audience. A well thought through presentation can instill confidence in the presenter and deliver information in an interesting and engaging way. This video helps presenters to structure and deliver effective presentations, and avoid death by PowerPoint. Alan (Matthew Horne) has given more presentations than he cares to mention. Christine (Sally Philips) helps him reflect on his less glorious efforts and think through his preparation, structure, and style to ensure that everyone leaves his presentations understanding his message.

Length: 19 minutes

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