Segments in this Video

Practice Presentation (03:42)


Rachel learns she must give a presentation to the board by the end of the week. See her unsuccessful presentation.

Presentation Assessment (03:06)

Greg tries to encourage Rachel about her presentation and suggests that she "select and project" her information. He provides tips for preparation including: position, options, and proposal.

Preparing the Presentation (05:28)

Rachel learns that she will have to deliver the presentation to her peers in addition to the board. Greg reviews presentation preparation tips: outline the position, present all options, and develop a proposal.

Thought Triggers and Speaking Voice (04:35)

Rachel writes every word of her presentation. Greg suggests using note cards instead. If you can talk, you can present. Rachel practices speaking in front of Greg; he offers constructive criticism.

Presentation Delivery (03:25)

Rachel follows Greg's advice and uses the presentation blueprint to speak to the board. She delivers the information with confidence. Rachel refuses Greg's offer to help her prepare for her presentation to her peers.

No Two Audiences are the Same (04:42)

Rachel encounters trouble when she delivers her presentation to peers in an auditorium and she becomes angry. Greg reveals that the audience was paid help and offers Rachel tips for adapting her presentation.

Targeted Presentation (02:34)

Rachel successfully delivers her presentation to her peers. She and Greg review the components of a successful presentation.

Credits: I Wasn't Prepared For That: Communication Classics (00:30)

Credits: I Wasn't Prepared For That: Communication Classics

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This program will enable viewers to deliver a presentation with confidence and professionalism. With the help of a colleague and by following a few simple steps (position, options, and proposal), an executive gives a successful presentation to the board after her initial run-through was a disaster.

Length: 29 minutes

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