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Assert Yourself: Introduction (00:45)


Assertive behavior gets attention while respecting the people you are talking to; it is a two way process.

Submissive Communication (02:15)

Jason addresses staff members in a submissive manner. See the advantages and disadvantages of submissive behavior.

Aggressive Communication (01:55)

Jason addresses staff members in an aggressive manner. See the advantages and disadvantages of aggressive behavior.

Assertive Communication (01:57)

Assertiveness allows open, honest, and fair communication between people. Learn steps to communicate assertively. Jason addresses staff members in an assertive manner.

Be Honest (03:18)

Honesty is the first principle of assertiveness. Fear stops people from being honest when communicating with others; learn a technique for overcoming fear. Dianne addresses Karen about her presentation.

Be Honest about What is Relevant (03:35)

Sue criticizes Marcus' marketing campaign in a personal attack; keep communication focused on the issue. Identify relevant and non-relevant statements in two scenarios.

How to Deal with Criticism (01:29)

Jason responds to Karen's criticism in a negative manner. See what happens when Jason responds to criticism using assertiveness; regard criticism as dispassionately as possible.

Stick to Your Bottom Line (05:17)

Any negotiation has a bottom line; failing to stick to it can result in negative consequences. See scenarios involving project negotiations; remember four key points when sticking to your bottom line.

Communicate as Equals (02:12)

Submissive behavior makes one the underdog while aggressive behavior makes one a bully. See examples of ineffective and effective communication.

Effective Communication (02:03)

See an example of how to communicate assertively with someone who is not interested in constructive dialogue. Review the key points of assertive communication.

Credits: Assert Yourself: Communication Classics (00:37)

Credits: Assert Yourself: Communication Classics

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This program highlights the advantages and disadvantages of submissive, aggressive and assertive behavior. Through a series of different situations, Kris Marshall explains the techniques of assertive behavior and how to communicate what you want with honesty and relevance, while respecting the rights of colleagues.

Length: 26 minutes

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