Segments in this Video

How Was Your Intern Experience Different from Actual Full-Time Position? (01:34)


Panelists describe how their summer internship responsibilities compared to those of their full-time position.

What Skills Did You Gain in Your Internship that were Beneficial to Your Full-Time Position? (02:16)

Panelists share tips about leveraging what you learn at your internship and applying it to a full-time position.

What Qualities Do You Value Most in Junior Teammates? (05:04)

Panelists describe what qualities they value most in junior teammates and summer interns.

How Important is it to Find a Mentor During Your Internship? (02:15)

Panelists discuss the value of having a mentor during your internship experience.

What was the Biggest Challenge You Faced as an Intern? (02:41)

What Do You Wish You Had Known Before You Started Your Internship? (01:17)

Panelists share some of the things they wish they had known before their internship began.

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Second Year Analyst/Associate Perspectives - Panel Discussion



Hear from a panel of second year analysts and associates about their internship experiences at top financial firms. 

Length: 16 minutes

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