Segments in this Video

Describe the Transition from College Life to Working Life (02:14)


Panelists describe how they were able to adjust to working at their internship.

As an Intern, How Did Your Responsibilities Change Over the Summer? (02:19)

Panelists describe how their roles and responsibilities evolved during the time at their internship.

What Advice Would You Give On Taking Your Internship to the Next Level? (06:44)

Panelists describe how they were able to make the most out of their time during their internship.

What Behaviors Did You See in Your Peers that Were Problematic? (03:54)

Panelists describe behaviors to avoid during your internship.

What Did You Do to Stand Out from Other Interns? (04:44)

Panelists describe ways that they tried to stand out from their peers and get an offer after their internship.

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First Year Analyst Perspectives - Panel Discussion



Hear from a panel of first year analysts about their internship experiences at top financial firms. 

Length: 21 minutes

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