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Mystery Solved: Planet Phenomenon and Sharks (02:41)


Viking Orbiters take pictures of faces on Mars. A Mountain landscape in Canada looks like a person's profile. Mountains are shaped by water drainage. Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska houses a pregnant shark.

Mystery Solved: New England's Dark Day (03:35)

Massive forest fires in Canada brought a sudden blanket of black smoke over New England for 24 hours. Limestone absorbs low frequencies. Planes have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle.

Globetrotting: Mount Everest (02:02)

Sir Edmund Hillary was first person to climb Mount Everest, located in the Himalayan mountain range. Mountain climbers pitch tents at base camps; freezing temperatures can cause frostbite.

Globetrotting: Foot Races (02:11)

Badwater Ultramarathon takes place annually. The race rises up the side of Mt. Whitney. Appalachian Trail begins in Springer Mountain, Georgia and ends at Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Globetrotting: Extreme Marathons (03:26)

The Arctic Trail is five hundred miles long. The Continental Divide Trail stretches from Canada to Mexico. Iditarod Trail Race is for sled dogs. In 1925, Balto was lead dog on the sled team that arrived in Nome with diphtheria antitoxin serum.

On the Menu: Edible Insects (02:27)

Eating bee larvae is said to make you virile. Aristotle harvested locusts to eat. Australian Aborigines eat moths. The Book of Leviticus recommends eating bugs. Insects are nutritious and a source of protein.

On the Menu: Beef and Dirt (03:07)

According to the Food and Drug Administration, flour, cornmeal, and sesame seeds have bugs in them. Hamburger buns have insect parts in them. Insects get caught on food at harvest time and they can crawl into food before or during processing.

Credit: Mystery Solved, Globetrotting, On the Menu: On The Spot (00:14)

Credit: Mystery Solved, Globetrotting, On the Menu: On The Spot

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Mystery Solved, Globetrotting, On the Menu: On The Spot



From the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle, the face on Mars, and New England’s Dark Day, to the world’s most extreme marathons and climbing Everest, to the world’s great appetite for bugs.

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