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Fact or Fiction: Tall and Left Handed People (02:56)


Height makes a difference when playing basketball. Becoming President Barack Obama is left-handed. Ronald Reagan was ambidextrous. Neurologists say that left-handed people use both sides of their brain.

Fact or Fiction: Politics and World Leaders (02:02)

The political terms "Right" and "Left" started in France after American Revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte was not short. Einstein failed to pass the entrance exam for Federal Polytechnic School.

Fact or Fiction: Food and Candy (01:31)

Chewing gum is indigestible. Sushi is vinegary rice combined with fish. Drinking milk does not increase mucous production.

Oddities: Body and Gravity (02:36)

Astronauts cannot cry in outer space. Clearing your throat prevents crying. Turning your right ear towards conversations helps you to hear them better. Heartburn results from stomach acid.

Oddities: Tricks to Feel Better and Redheads (02:56)

Shorten brain freeze by pushing the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Flexing your muscles reduces the chances of passing out. Stabilizing your diaphragm stops hiccups. Pressure on skin near an injections site will overwhelm pain receptors.

Identify This: Cityscapes (03:02)

Jerusalem means, "City of Peace." Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. Brooklyn is most populous borough in New York. The Arno River flows through Florence, Italy.

Identify This: Famous Landmarks (02:09)

Big Ben is nickname for large bell inside Elizabeth Tower in London. Berlin's Brandenburg Gate was built as a symbol of peace. St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is one of the world's biggest churches.

Identify This: America's Most Prestigious House (02:07)

John Adams was the first tenant to live in the White House. The British Army burned down the White House in 1814. It is currently worth $300 million.

Credit: Fact or Fiction, Oddities, Identify This: On The Spot (00:24)

Credit: Fact or Fiction, Oddities, Identify This: On The Spot

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Fact or Fiction, Oddities, Identify This: On The Spot



From incredible facts and fictions about the NBA, Napoleon, and politics, to some odd remedies for hiccups, heartburn, and crying, to the world’s most famous skylines, landmarks, and the value of the White House.

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