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Record Breakers: Extreme Animals (02:36)


Cheetahs can accelerate faster than a Ferrari. Elephants eat 700 pounds of salad a day. A rhinoceros beetle can carry 850 times its body weight.

Record Breakers: World's Loudest Animal (04:38)

The world's most deafening sound comes from a blue whale. A cicada could damage your eardrum. Arctic tern holds record for world's longest migration. World's fastest heartbeat belongs to Hummingbird.

Ridiculous Theories: Earth, Water, Fire, and Solar System (03:00)

Earth's crust is broken into different plates that shift. German scientist JJ Becker said, "Anything that can catch on fire contains Phlogiston." Italian astronomer discovered canals on Mars.

Ridiculous Theories: Genetics and Brain (02:43)

Aristotle developed the "blank slate theory." He believed that life began spontaneously out of thin air. The human brain is divided into 27 organs.

In Sickness & In Health: Airplane Safety Requirements (02:32)

When a plane decompresses, you should put on an oxygen mask. Planes would be safer if seats were facing backwards. Escape path lights are red because they are visible through smoke.

In Sickness & In Health: Sleeping Habits (02:02)

The first four hours of sleep are slow wave sleep; waking up in the middle if this stage could leave you disoriented. Dry air on planes can cause dehydration. Too little sleep can make you more susceptible to colds.

In Sickness & In Health: Precursors to Humans (01:39)

Large apes lived in China, India, and Vietnam. German paleontologist JHR von Koenigswald first discovered fossils of extinct apes in a Hong Kong apothecary. Teeth from some animals are used for medicine.

Credit: Record Breakers, Ridiculous Theories, In Sickness & In Health: On The Spot (00:33)

Credit: Record Breakers, Ridiculous Theories, In Sickness & In Health: On The Spot

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Record Breakers, Ridiculous Theories, In Sickness & In Health: On The Spot



From the most venomous, toughest, and loudest animals on the planet to the most ridiculous theories the scientific community has ever had, and some answers for how to stay healthy and happy when flying.

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