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Mad Science: Making Something Invisible (02:47)


Einstein proved time is relative. Researcher can cloak a small, cylindrical object by placing it behind a material that bends light. Italian physician Luigi Galvani discovered that a dead frog will jump when electrified.

Mad Science: Zombie Dogs (02:06)

Russian scientists keep heads of dogs alive with an artificial circulatory system. In 2005, medical researchers found a way to bring dogs back to life.

Mad Science: Human Body Facts (01:20)

Brain cells might be able to regrow with medical assistance. Scientists believe the human heart contains stem cells that can regrow into full heart cells. Modern scientists grow synthetic organs.

Mad Science: Advances in Medicine (01:32)

AIDS is being used to treat leukemia patients. HIV virus causes AIDS to attack the immune system. Dogs are used to sniff out colon cancer.

Myths: Large Outbreak of Rabies and Mummies (02:08)

Vampire myths are based on people who had rabies. The Wolf Man legend was popular in the 1700's. Archaeologists contracted respiratory diseases.

Myths: Pregnancy and Dental Hygiene (02:31)

Doctors say not to raise your body temperature above 102 degrees Fahrenheit while pregnant. Pregnant women should avoid extreme stress. When George Washington was elected president, he had one natural tooth left.

Claim to Fame: Former U.S. Presidents (02:02)

Andy Warhol said, "in the future everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes." Bill Clinton plays saxophone. Ronald Reagan was a movie star. Jimmy Carter is a peanut farmer from Georgia.

Claim to Fame: Exotic Animals and Streets (02:16)

There are less than 4,000 tigers left in wild. Alaskan Malamutes have a poor sense of smell. The world's steepest street is Lombard Street in San Francisco. Parliament Street is the narrowest street.

Claim to Fame: Sideshows (02:21)

William Frederick Cody was world famous as a touring showman. Buffalo Bill's Wild West show toured Europe. Annie Oakley was famous for sharp shooting.

Credit: Mad Science, Myths, Claim to Fame: On The Spot (00:35)

Credit: Mad Science, Myths, Claim to Fame: On The Spot

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Mad Science, Myths, Claim to Fame: On The Spot



From the science behind invisibility to what’s really behind sightings of zombies and vampires, to the mummy’s curse, presidential claims to fame, and the world’s most amazing streets.

Length: 21 minutes

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