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Record Breakers: Flying and Falling (03:03)


Joe Kittinger set the world record for longest skydiving free fall. Bell X-1 rocket plane was developed to test supersonic flight. Chuck Yeager piloted the Bell X-1 airplane.

Record Breakers: Cars and Athletes (03:19)

Andy Green's car, the Thrust SSC traveled 763 miles per hour. Italian skier holds world record for downhill skiing; Australian holds record for boat racing. Sir Roger Bannister was the first person to run the four-minute mile.

What It's Worth: Fossils and Photos (02:08)

Paleontologist discovered a T-Rex in South Dakota. Legal battle allowed the landowner to put the dinosaur skeleton up for auction. A Billy the Kid photograph sold at auction for more than a million dollars.

What It's Worth: Famous Landmarks and Art (02:25)

Conman Victor Lustig offered French scrap metal dealers a chance to buy Eiffel Tower. Vincent van Gogh's paintings are among the most expensive ever sold. The most expensive painting ever sold was Paul Cezanne's “The Card Players.”

What It's Worth: American Dollar (02:05)

Most comic books cost a dime in 1950. A gallon of gas cost one dollar in 1979. Winston Churchill had four different sets of dentures.

In Sickness & In Health: Human Body Achievements (02:04)

It takes over 200 muscles to take one step forward. Daily exercise reduces the risk of cancer. Astronauts use resistance exercises to stay in shape in zero gravity.

In Sickness & In Health: Ears and Eyes (02:37)

Yawning helps to pop eardrums when flying in a plane. Start equalizing your ears early and often when you are going through a change in altitude. Blinking keeps your eyes moist and dust free; babies and adults blink at different rates.

In Sickness & In Health: Microbes are Everywhere (01:50)

Microbes blow around in the air and are all over your skin. Just before babies are born, they have no microbes. Thousands of microbe species live inside everyone.

Credit: Record Breakers, What It's Worth, In Sickness & In Health: On The Spot (00:15)

Credit: Record Breakers, What It's Worth, In Sickness & In Health: On The Spot

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Record Breakers, What It’s Worth, In Sickness & In Health: On The Spot



From breaking the sound barrier on land and in the air, to selling the Eiffel Tower and the price of some very famous dentures, to working out in zero gravity and the astounding weight of all the bacteria in your body.

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