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What Could Have Been: Symbols (02:41)


Benjamin Franklin wanted a turkey to be America's national symbol. United States weather forecasters often do not warn people about approaching storms because it causes panic. Titanic was warned about icebergs.

What Could Have Been: World War I (02:07)

Franz Ferdinand and wife were assassinated in Sarajevo. United States tries to stay neutral during World War I. Mexico declined to attack United States during World War I.

What Could Have Been: Cars and Cats (02:56)

Henry Ford invented the first assembly line. Electric cars were developed in the 1830s. London smog produced by diesel buses kills people. People caught Black Death from fleas that lived on rats. Some people are superstition about cats.

Conspiracies: Codes (02:16)

Secret operations branch of Serbian Army is called Black Hand. British foreign secretary Arthur Balfour supports a Jewish state. German codes on Zimmerman telegram are too sophisticated for British to break.

Conspiracies: Kennedy Assassination (03:59)

Lyndon B. Johnson established the Warren Commission after Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Preston Tucker offered cutting edge features in automobile safety. Securities and Exchange Commission accuses Preston Tucker.

Identify This: Landmarks Across Cultures and Time (02:21)

Washington Monument was built as a memorial to George Washington. Congressmen are against putting famous faces on money. Niagara Falls is made up of three separate falls; Annie Taylor was the first person to go down the falls in a barrel.

Identify This: Wonders of Modern World (03:20)

A huge canyon on Mars is called Mariner Valley. The Great Wall of China is five thousand miles long. The London Eye gives a great view of Thames River. Louvre Pyramid sits in main courtyard of Louvre museum.

Credit: What Could Have Been, Conspiracies, Identify This: On The Spot (00:06)

Credit: What Could Have Been, Conspiracies, Identify This: On The Spot

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What Could Have Been, Conspiracies, Identify This: On The Spot



From the wrong turn that started World War I and how the Titanic disaster could have been averted, to code cracking and a $2 million car, to braving Niagara Falls in a barrel and the world’s biggest Ferris wheel.

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