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Word Origins and Trivial Studies (02:06)


The word "weird" originally meant fate or destiny. The original meaning of the word “quarantine” is related to ships. People had to remain quarantined on ships due to Black Plague.

Naming Months and Days (04:00)

Octo means eight. Originally March was the first month. Days of the week were originally named after planets. Monday is named after the moon and Sunday is named after the sun.

Earth Now and Then (03:24)

Earth's continents are slowly drifting around the globe. Grand Canyon is most famous tourist destination in America. The Hoover Dam stores water for the man-made city of Las Vegas.

Atomic Age and Communication Age (03:21)

Radio technology has changed. Phones are no longer luxury items. The first credit card was the Diners Card. The world's tallest building is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates—oil was discovered in the city in 1966.

World Tour of Cuisine (02:45)

One of the most popular dishes in the Mediterranean is a gyro. Steaks can be prepared "blue" which is rarer than rare. Poultry must be cooked thoroughly. Vegemite is high in Vitamin B.

Real Food With Unique Names (02:59)

Toad in the hole is a traditional British dish made with Yorkshire pudding. Frog legs are real food deep fried. Elephant ears are deep fried pieces of dough.

Museum Dedicated to Burnt Food (00:59)

The Museum of Burnt Food contains nearly 50,000 charred foods. The museum has a hall of burnt toast with hundreds of varieties. No two slices of bread burn the same way.

Credit: What's In a Name, Now and Then, On the Menu: On The Spot (00:15)

Credit: What's In a Name, Now and Then, On the Menu: On The Spot

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What’s In a Name, Now and Then, On the Menu: On The Spot



From the origin of the words “trivia” and “sideburn,” to how Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Earth itself have changed, to unusual foods such as poutine, blood pudding, and “toad in the hole” to the Museum of Burnt Food.

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