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Government Cover Up and Alien Activity in United States (02:28)


A flying saucer crashes near Roswell, New Mexico. Military statements regarding Roswell are printed and conspiracy theorists focus on the area. Testing atomic bombs begin in New Mexico desert.

Earth Covered With Stuff From Outer Space (02:30)

Scientists look for alien life by listening for radio signals coming from space. Telescopes look for optical signals; professor at Ohio State University analyzes telescope data. Voyager Mission sends a golden LP record into space.

Ghosts and Haunted Places (02:08)

Abraham Lincoln may haunt the White House. First Lady Grace Coolidge claimed to see Abraham Lincoln looking out an oval office window. Vampire legends and myths date back to ancient Mesopotamia.

In Sickness and In Health (02:10)

Garlic is one of nature's most efficient antioxidants. Asthma symptoms can show up later in life. Swimming can increase lung capacity.

Claustrophobia and Germ Laden Items (03:12)

Green apples can help reduce effects of claustrophobia. Straight hair tangles more than curly hair. Treat skin burns by running them under cold water. Honey is both antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Record Breaking Trivia (02:46)

Biggest freshwater fish caught by rod and reel is a stingray. Big wave surfer, Garrett McNamara catches the tallest wave ever surfed. Sir Hugh Beaver from Ireland inspired idea for Guinness World Records.

First Woman in Space (04:00)

John Fairfax is first person to cross Atlantic Ocean solo by row boat. Louis Bleriot is first person to fly across English Channel. Valentina Tereshkova is first woman to fly in space. Largest cookie made is the size of a basketball court.

Credit: Supernatural, In Sickness & In Health, Record Breakers: On The Spot (00:32)

Credit: Supernatural, In Sickness & In Health, Record Breakers: On The Spot

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Supernatural, In Sickness & In Health, Record Breakers : On The Spot



From Roswell to alien radio signals, how to tame claustrophobia to that bacteria laden piece of technology in your pocket, and records broken in surfing, cookies, hula hoops, and fishing, to the hilarious story of how the Guinness Book of Records got started.

Length: 21 minutes

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