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What It's Worth (02:32)


War time rationing caused penny to be made of steel; the cost to make a penny is twice as much as its value. The New York Federal Reserve holds the world's largest collection of gold bars. Baseball is an American pastime.

What It's Worth: Pricing Now and Then (03:15)

Gas was cheap in 1950. A first edition Gutenberg Bible is the world's rarest book. Johannes Gutenberg invents the movable type.

Household Problems and Solutions (02:20)

Hinges squeak when rust or corrosion causes friction. Paint fumes can be hazardous to breathe. It takes a lot of force to hammer a nail into hard wood.

Household Problems and Solutions: Home Remedies (03:54)

Crumbs on kitchen counters are prime attractions for ants; they can be killed with uncooked grits. Detergent, rubbing alcohol, and water make window cleaning fluid. Skunks can be kept as pets in some U.S. states; find out how to remove skunk smell from a dog.

Globetrotting (05:20)

Jumbo jets land at Princess Juliana International Airport on a short runway at Maho Beach. The Devil's Swimming Pool is located on edge of Victoria Falls. Artist Mario Irarrazabal creates a landmark in Atacama Desert.

Globetrotting: Disturbed by Hauntings (01:50)

Sarah Lockwood Pardee built a mansion to atone for the deaths of all killed by the Winchester rifle. She moved to California and built a house for the spirits to live in. A medium told her to never stop building on the house.

Credit: What It's Worth, Problem and Solution, Globetrotting: On The Spot (00:34)

Credit: What It's Worth, Problem and Solution, Globetrotting: On The Spot

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What It’s Worth, Problem and Solution, Globetrotting: On The Spot



From the value of a first edition of the Bible to a 1943 penny, the breakfast food that can kill ants to the food you can use to shave, remove makeup, and polish your shoes, and the world's most dangerous pool to its most dangerous beach. 

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