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Introduction: Mom, My Friend Looks Different (01:31)


Kitty Oliver orients viewers on the topic of communication across generations concerning race and ethnic issues.

Racism and Prejudice (04:21)

Ashley discusses contemporary racism and interracial relationships. Landon reflects on situations in his youth when he experienced racial prejudice.

Attitude of Inferiority (03:32)

Nadja describe how race is treated in Jamaica in comparison to the United States. She speaks about an inability to relate to the African-American plight.

Checking the Ethnicity Box (02:59)

Rain found it difficult to define herself as mixed race. Claiming blackness would ignore all the other parts of her heritage.

Open-Mindedness (03:55)

Chloe was raised in Boca Raton and found integration to be a normal part of life. With a diverse group of friends, Chloe considers herself to be culturally aware. Karl visited the Philippines and experienced severe wealth disparity outside of the United States.

Ethnotricity Cultural Arts Studio (04:59)

For Beneathe Forte, there is no line between race and ethnicity. She explains the founding principles of her intraracial program and discusses racism among black people.

Anti-Semitic Past (04:49)

Leonard Robins discusses the ethnic discrimination he faced as a Jewish up-and-coming lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. He remembers a time seeing the Ku Klux Klan march down a popular street.

Closing Statement: Kitty Oliver (00:37)

In this concluding segment Oliver notes that each generation creates its own versions of history.

Credits: Mom, My Friend Looks Different: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives (01:11)

Credits: Mom, My Friend Looks Different: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives

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Mom, My Friend Looks Different: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives



Crossing Cultures/Changing Lives is a 10-part series that takes an entertaining look at race relations through enlightening conversations with everyday people who are living, working, and loving across racial and ethnic lines. This series takes the discussion of race into new directions by including Black, Caucasian, Caribbean, Latino, Asian, and Native American perspectives. Viewers will take a journey into the homes and lives of people who talk candidly about the challenges and the rewards they encounter. The shows also explore the nature of prejudice and negative attitudes towards differences which continue to be a troubling part of our global human story. Race from the perspective of the younger generation; bridging African American and Caribbean cultures through dance; and growing up Jewish in South Florida.

Length: 29 minutes

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