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Introduction: Projects Can Make a Difference (01:53)


Kitty Oliver orients viewers to the topics of community, racial history, and segregation. She comments on the historical landscape of Ft. Lauderdale and the disappearing black community of Sistrunck Boulevard.

Living Parallel Lives (04:02)

Pat Jakubek and Irene Carswell grew up in different generations and across different racial lines in Baton Raton. Carswell discusses struggles black women encountered daily. Jakubek uncovers racist actions in the police force through historical interviews.

Confronting and Embracing Differences (03:06)

Delores Smiley, a community activist and diversity expert, discusses the difficulty in making change in a diverse community. She asserts wealth inequality drives class distinctions, and that to change attitudes people must be valued.

Racial Divide in the Workplace (02:54)

Carswell reflects on the growing level of segregation in the 1950s. While working at a bank in the 1970s, Jakubek did not experience a difference in the treatment of black and white workers.

Afro-Peruvian Culture and Music (06:45)

Kiki Sanchez has become a musical bridge across ethnicities. Since childhood, he has been inspired by African rhythms and his passion is in Latin jazz. Sanchez explains the power music has to bring people together.

Treasure of a Black Community (07:06)

Oliver describes the north fork on the old New River as a treasure in Ft. Lauderdale's oldest black community. Mickey Hampton and Sunny Porter reflect on growing up in the projects.

Closing Statement: Kitty Oliver (00:49)

Oliver explains how imagined communities bring together people from a variety of backgrounds. She describes the topic for the next segment in the series.

Credits: Projects Can Make a Difference: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives (01:21)

Credits: Projects Can Make a Difference: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives

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Projects Can Make a Difference: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives



Crossing Cultures/Changing Lives is a 10-part series that takes an entertaining look at race relations through enlightening conversations with everyday people who are living, working, and loving across racial and ethnic lines. This series takes the discussion of race into new directions by including Black, Caucasian, Caribbean, Latino, Asian, and Native American perspectives. Viewers will take a journey into the homes and lives of people who talk candidly about the challenges and the rewards they encounter. The shows also explore the nature of prejudice and negative attitudes towards differences which continue to be a troubling part of our global human story. Community brings two women form different racial backgrounds together; celebrating Afro-Peruvian music; and memories of early Black life in Florida.

Length: 29 minutes

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