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Introduction: Building Bridges in the Workplace (02:24)


Kitty Oliver orients viewers to the topic of cross-cultural contact within the workplace.

Learning from Mistakes (04:27)

Francois Laconte runs a corporation providing family health and economic services to new immigrants. He discusses learning on the job and working with the mainstream.

Negotiating Differences (05:17)

For Fred Perry, a senior vice president, cultural crossings began early in his life. His work with the Boys and Girls Club exposes Perry to human hardships.

Artistic Ambassadorship (05:54)

Playing classical music made Michael Caldwell's childhood unique. He examines how segregation influenced his musical career. Caldwell discusses the diplomatic purpose behind his work.

Sense of Community (05:27)

Barbara Bell-Spence discusses transformations in Belle Glade, Florida. Oliver reads various passages from Bell-Spence's book.

Bending, Not Breaking (02:23)

Bell-Spence stays in the Belle Glade region because it is her home. Through a Christian lens, Bell-Spence is able to overlook a person's shortcomings and see the positive.

Closing Statement: Kitty Oliver (00:33)

Oliver discusses how cross-cultural contact forces people to learn how to work together and progress socially.

Credits: Building Bridges in the Workplace: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives (01:29)

Credits: Building Bridges in the Workplace: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives

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Building Bridges in the Workplace: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives



Crossing Cultures/Changing Lives is a 10-part series that takes an entertaining look at race relations through enlightening conversations with everyday people who are living, working, and loving across racial and ethnic lines. This series takes the discussion of race into new directions by including Black, Caucasian, Caribbean, Latino, Asian, and Native American perspectives. Viewers will take a journey into the homes and lives of people who talk candidly about the challenges and the rewards they encounter. The shows also explore the nature of prejudice and negative attitudes towards differences which continue to be a troubling part of our global human story. The successes and challenges of two businessmen who are crossing races and cultures; classical music; and oral history in the Glades.

Length: 29 minutes

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