Segments in this Video

Introduction: Color is a Family Matter (03:07)


Kitty Oliver orients viewers to the topic of cultural transition within a family.

Ethnically Diverse Families (02:12)

Colin and Conor Johnson explain what it is like growing up as mixed-race, adopted children of a white mother. Kimberley Johnson recounts the adoption process.

Complexities of Human Relations (03:08)

Howard Housen addresses concerns about black children being adopted by white families. Gay Lynn and David Grigas's motivation to foster multi-racial children stems from their own childhood experiences.

Techniques of Dominance (03:36)

Housen describes social effects when cultures collide. He defines pluralism and suggests necessary steps beyond tolerance to achieve social harmony.

Universal Truths (05:32)

Shoni Labowitz uses art to make connections with people from different nationalities, cultures, and race. Her sculptures represent embracing and loving that which is different.

Bridging Racial Lines (06:34)

Paula Adams and Yvonne Odom reflect on racial issues in the early days of desegregation. Oliver feels that open communication about race allows for social progress.

Honoring Cultural Differences (02:12)

Adams and Odom discuss being labeled mavericks of social reform. As a college student, Oliver discovered just how different white culture was to her own.

Closing Statement: Kitty Oliver (00:33)

Oliver describes the topic of the next episode in this concluding segment.

Credits: Color is a Family Matter: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives (01:02)

Credits: Color is a Family Matter: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives

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Color is a Family Matter: Crossing Cultures Changing Lives



Crossing Cultures/Changing Lives is a 10-part series that takes an entertaining look at race relations through enlightening conversations with everyday people who are living, working, and loving across racial and ethnic lines. This series takes the discussion of race into new directions by including Black, Caucasian, Caribbean, Latino, Asian, and Native American perspectives. Viewers will take a journey into the homes and lives of people who talk candidly about the challenges and the rewards they encounter. The shows also explore the nature of prejudice and negative attitudes towards differences which continue to be a troubling part of our global human story. Families where parents and children are of different races and/or skin color; use of visual arts; and oral histories on the Civil Rights Era.

Length: 29 minutes

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