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Neurologic Disorders
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Neurologic Disorders

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Face Recognition
Item# 53210
© 2013
 24 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81608-642-9

Most of us are able to identify people we’ve met before and to pick out friends from among a group of strangers simply by scanning their faces. What cognitive processes allow us to do this? What goes... (more details)

Parkinson's: Disease and...Ease
Item# 53306
© 2012
 25 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81608-733-4

Commonly thought of as an elderly person's affliction, Parkinson's disease in reality often begins before a patient reaches an advanced age. This film presents case studies drawn from a broader age ra... (more details)

Breaking the Wall of Brain Degeneration: How Population Studies Can Help Prevent Neurodegenerative Diseases
Item# 53571
© 2012
 16 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81608-659-7

Due to longer life expectancy and declining fertility rates, the proportion of the population aged over 60 is growing faster than any other age group. The success of public health policies and socioec... (more details)

Learning About Tuberous Sclerosis
Item# 53730
© 2012
 24 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-991-6

Tuberous sclerosis is a disorder that produces invasive lesions on the kidneys, brain, and other vital organs as a result of genetic mutations. Although the lesions are usually benign, they may caus... (more details)

Restless Legs Syndrome: An Uncontrollable Urge to Move
Item# 53731
© 2012
 24 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-992-3

Kendra is one of millions of individuals who can’t sleep due to uncomfortable sensations in their legs. Often triggered by pregnancy or anemia, restless legs syndrome is not life-threatening, but th... (more details)

The Multiple Sclerosis Revolution
Item# 53724
© 2012
 24 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-985-5

While multiple sclerosis is relatively common, it remains a mysterious disease that can be difficult to detect early, and one which can leave its victims with lifelong, devastating consequences. Nearl... (more details)

Alzheimer's Disease: Is It Delirium or Dementia? For Nursing Homes—Level I
Item# 52859
© 2012
 39 Min.

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Designed especially for nursing home personnel, this program explores several successful methods for dealing with residents who have an altered mental status. Using these methods, personnel will find... (more details)

Rett: There Is Hope—Case Studies, Family Portraits, and the Search for a Cure
Item# 50126
© 2012
 53 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-62290-833-2

Rett Syndrome is one of the most debilitating and frightening disorders on the autism spectrum. It affects mainly girls, and after normal development the first signs appear at around 24 months of age.... (more details)

MS Wars: Hope, Science, and the Internet
Item# 52229
© 2011
 50 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81608-720-4

Developed in 2008 by Italian researcher Paolo Zamboni, the procedure known as liberation therapy was designed to improve blood flow in the veins that drain the central nervous system. Zamboni believed... (more details)

Catching a Killer: Preventing Meningococcal Disease
Item# 53723
© 2011
 24 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-984-8

Meningococcal disease has a well-deserved fearsome reputation. It can cause a lethal form of bacterial meningitis as well as septic shock, and is capable of striking quickly-often without warning-leav... (more details)

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